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Week 5: Snowmageddon

February 10th, 2010 by Megan Mc · 1 Comment

Well, here we are in the middle of week 5. Our contract was turned in, with some problems. To say we had some communication problems would be… an understatement. Somehow in the excitement of the snow or whatever our group ended up having difficulties getting on the same page… literally. We had created a document for a work-in-progress contract and then two “final” contracts were created by separate members of the group. Thinking the same document had been shared with me (as I got an e-mail from both Taylor and Lauren) I looked at it. I started to make a correction on the one Lauren had made paused for a couple minutes while I looked at the contracts from the other groups and came back to find my sentence completed by someone else. So I just left it, there was nothing else I saw wrong so I thought there was no other reason to comment.

Now, I have to say we are fortunate that the breakdown in communication happened now, so early in the project so we can learn from it and figure out what works best for our group. If this happened right at the end that could be a catastrophe but now we should be able to fix it so it does not happen again.

I know usually, in a group, I’m a follower, I don’t like taking the lead, I don’t really like the attention. I do get what is assigned to me done though so I do do my part. I don’t know how everyone else really is in the group but, it seems to me, everyone feels reluctant to take the leadership role or step up for a bit. We all need to step out of our comfort zones. More ideas are better than less, I know I need to work on this myself when it comes time to suggest ideas. And I have made a step, I already started work on the revised contract and right now it is covered in the bright green font I used to show my suggestions.

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  • klease // Feb 10th 2010 at 10:20 pm

    I agree that it’s better that these issues came out now, instead of a week before the contract was due. I also agree that our group lacks leadership. I think everyone will do their part in the work, it just seems like no one wants to make decisions. I’m included in that too. I think the fact that we are realizing these problems will help us correct them. Hopefully, we can find a time to meet outside of class this week.