Digital History: Civil War Fredericksburg

Week… 8?

March 10th, 2010 by Megan Mc · No Comments

Sunday I was glad to be back at school because I missed my suitemates and friends but now I’ve hit the point where I want to go back on Spring Break. Ah well, only a couple more weeks of the semester. I spent my spring break reading, reading, and more reading. Some for this class and some for my pirates class. I managed to get through all the primary documents in my section and will be putting the information on my group’s googledoc in a bit. I also spoke with Jack Bales before the break on Friday and he suggested some sources. I found a book in the library of the Virginia Historical Society Guide to Manuscripts and found one that was designated “Fredericksburg Hospitals” or something like that. I was REALLY excited and was ready to go visit the VA Historical Society in Richmond (since I was going there for break anyway) however, once I came back to my room and looked through the sources Hennessy gave us I found it was already transcribed.

Tonight I just watched/listened to the Podcast that John Hennessy created for the visitFred site and it was really interesting. Some of the stuff he spoke about was about 1862 (after the first Battle of Fredericksburg) which we are not focusing on but there was some very useful information about 1864.

Right now my next task is to figure out what I’m going to say tomorrow for our 10-15 minute update talk, and then in the near future I need to figure out what some of the buildings are that the people mention in my sources. Well that is all, it is late. Good night 🙂

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